P2P Lending on GCE

Recently, one of my friend reaching out to me regarding how to install the     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Apr 02, 2022

Cloud Functions VS Lambda

Many articles are talking about the differences between GCP and AWS. Is that true one is superior to another? Or they are just apples and orange...     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Aug 05, 2020

How to print access token inside Cloud Function

As Cloud Function supports many programming languages, this article will use Python for the demonstration     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Jul 22, 2020

Why you need QT for your side projects

I’m working on an side project which need a fancy GUI interface, so I was choosing between Webassemble and QT. This article will briefly descibe how I made the decision.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Oct 09, 2019

OpenAI Gym Board Games Env for 0.9.6 Above

Since Gym 0.9.6, the board games environment has been removed from the default package as they are not maintained by OpenAI [ref]. This article helps who would like to run their AI on Go or Hex in OpenAI Gym.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Aug 06, 2018

Leetcode VS EPI

This article is still work in progress. Here is a list of problems which both on Leetcode and EPI1. In my opinion, these common appeared questions are more important. Hope this could help job seekers to prepare for their final interviews.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Jul 19, 2018

A Real Scenario Machine Learning Question

Recently I got a real scenario machine learning question, which does not have existing models. I would like to record my thoughts here which may save my time later. Here is the question: A company receives thousands of documents everyday uploaded by our users. Generally these documents are invoices or bills. We would like to extract the vendor​ and amount​ from these documents automatically (i.e. using software rather than human inspection). They store the following pieces of information for each document: The pdf document uploaded by the user (please see example.pdf attached) The text extracted from that pdf (please see example.txt attached - Note: often the extracted text would not be in an order that seems natural to a human reader) Labels of what the vendor and amount should be for each document (in the attached example, vendor would be “Marketing Fuel Biz.”, and amount would be “747.50”). Question: Describe a machine learning solution to this problem. Additon: Some percentage of the stored labels may be incorrect. What would you change to mitigate this problem. The sample pdf and OCR output txt is downloadable.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Jun 18, 2018

DIY SLI Liquid Cooling GPU Computer

It’s kind of shame to say, as a computer science major professional, I have never build my own desktop computer ever, until recent. All because the old desktop dead (purchased 2012), I finally made the decision to DIY a powerful amateur deep learning machine. Here I will record all the pitfalls, caveats, and tricks during the building processes. Hope could provide some help or hint for people would like to build their dream game (or amateur machine learning) machine.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Aug 10, 2017

Auto Sync Github Forked Repos

As a Github heavy user, when I saw an interested repos, I would fork them to my “secret” organization to read/use in future. However, when checked them later, most of the time (99%), the repos have already out of synced. There are three options I normally choose: delete the forked repo and re-fork; manually merge to the latest commit; use the PR and switch the source and destination (ref).     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Jul 22, 2017

Build SSL HTTPS Website Using Docker

When you’re visiting my website, you may not see the https in the URL, which means you have been directed to a CDN node other than my VPS server. This doesn’t mean the method doesn’t work. Anyway, let’s begin the talk. The purpose of this post is to help people to avoid the pitfalls that I encountered, and severs as a note for future reference.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Nov 18, 2016