Set up HTTPS Free

Nowadays, it is easy to get an TLS certificate to create HTTPS website (Ref), but it requires the full control of server and configuration to maintain. However, for the casual user, like me this blog, I host my content on a third party server (Github Pages), which strictly forbids to customize server settings. To bypass those limits on server side, we need a middle layer to control all traffics, the Cloudflare is the best tool.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Sep 22, 2016

Set up VPN with transparent proxy on DigitalOcean

Recently I just rent a VPS on Digital Ocean, which is cheap for a student and who is price sensitive. As it gives you all the controls of an OS, it likes a remote compute machine. Meanwhile, you could do anything as you have your own server.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Jul 13, 2014