Leetcode VS EPI

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Abner Chou Jul 19, 2018
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This article is still work in progress.

Here is a list of problems which both on Leetcode and EPI1. In my opinion, these common appeared questions are more important. Hope this could help job seekers to prepare for their final interviews.

Leetcode2 EPI3 Difficulty4 Problem5 Company6
21 7.1 Easy Merge Two Sorted Lists Amazon
20 8.3 Easy Valid Parentheses Amazon
8 6.1 Medium String to Integer (atoi) Amazon
48 5.19 Medium Rotate Image Amazon
15 17.4 Medium 3-Sum Amazon
42 24.32 Hard Trapping Rain Water Amazon
121 5.6 Easy Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock Amazon
89 15.10 Medium Gray Code Amazon
235 9.3 Easy Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Search Tree Amazon
98 14.1 Medium Validate Binary Search Tree Amazon
141 7.3 Easy Linked List Cycle Amazon
240 11.6 Medium Search a 2D Matrix II Amazon
234 7.11 Easy Palindrome Linked List Amazon
215 24.17 Medium Kth Largest Element in an Array Amazon
579 13.12 Hard Find Cumulative Salary of an Employee Amazon

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  4. 4.The difficulty of the problem on Leetcode.
  5. 5.The problem title on Leetcode.
  6. 6.The company tags on Leetcode indicate the problem has appeared in their interview.