Auto Sync Github Forked Repos

As a Github heavy user, when I saw an interested repos, I would fork them to my “secret” organization to read/use in future. However, when checked them later, most of the time (99%), the repos have already out of synced. There are three options I normally choose: delete the forked repo and re-fork; manually merge to the latest commit; use the PR and switch the source and destination (ref).     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Jul 22, 2017

Set up HTTPS Free

Nowadays, it is easy to get an TLS certificate to create HTTPS website (Ref), but it requires the full control of server and configuration to maintain. However, for the casual user, like me this blog, I host my content on a third party server (Github Pages), which strictly forbids to customize server settings. To bypass those limits on server side, we need a middle layer to control all traffics, the Cloudflare is the best tool.     Continue Reading
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Abner Chou Sep 22, 2016